A Gospel Community

Gospel literally means "good news." The Gospel is the message that Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, left his eternal throne in heaven to enter this broken and sinful world to die a substitutionary death for his people. Learn more about the Gospel and how we live it out together here.

About Us

The first thing many people ask is, "How should I dress to come to church?" We at Foundation Church desire that you would feel comfort able and invited. We have members who dress in a suit and tie as well as members who wear a T-shirt and shorts. All are welcome.

Core Beliefs

The Bible tells the true story of God and his glory, specifically through the redemption of fallen humanity through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is Christ-centric from beginning to end. Philosophies, religions, and politics may be interesting, but what is found in God's inspired word is essential.

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Sunday School - 9:45 AM

Morning Worship 10:30 AM

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